Abstract Calligraphy ART & Architecture

Architecture is an art in which you have to having artistic taste, mastery of many technical angles and construction possibilities, cultural and climatic conditions, and knowledge of materials.
Since I have always firmly believed in team work, I am sure that a team consisting of excellent architects and on the other hand capable artists, whose basic flexibility is at the heart of their work, can create original works in the field of architecture of buildings and structures.
The following photos are urban creations based on abstract calligraphy.
A place where, regardless of technical limitations, my imagination has flown freely and imagined a world where almost everything is based on the dance of letters and words and the curves of their bodies.

The art of architectural design shouldn’t just focus on the indoor, outdoor, materials or even the beauty of shapes and curves! It has to blend the spirit of history, contemporary and future time and insufflate it into the inanimate body of objects, space, materials and walls. So that the viewer imagines himself in the past, present and future, simultaneously.The art of architectural design must be a time machine!

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