Monarchy Accessory (Royal Set)

When you are going to design jewellery for a royal family, you must keep important points in mind in designing, making and implementing all its details.
First: A royal family is not only a representative of its background and Honour. The royal family is a symbol of the unity of a nation, so despite the many details that exist in every inch of monarchy jewellery, all these details must eventually reach a spectacular and elegant unity.
Second: Depending on which country this royal family is for, the design should represent the cultures and subcultures that exist in that land. The crown that is designed for the British king cannot be the same form of crown that is designed for the sultan of an African or Middle Eastern country with different cultures.
Third: The historical background of a land and the nation that lived in it and the history of all periods of that royal family and its country should play a subtle but deep role in the design.
Fourth: The aspirations, dreams, vision and mission of a nation must be tied with the visions and dreams of the royal family and this unity must be visible in the design of all the pieces of royal accessories.
Fifth: Royal jewels are mainly considered as the heritage and support of a nation and they are carefully taken care of for centuries, the design should not be caught in the chains of time and should maintain its freshness and novelty in all ages.
The color of the precious stones, their placement, their number, their cut, their shine or dullness are all influential.

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Due to all these reasons, the design of royal accessories cannot be considered a simple task.
In addition to artistic details, cultural, ethnic, geographical and religious details and subtleties should also be considered in the design.
The collection you see is designed for an Arab country with specific Definitions for that country.

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