Abstract Calligraphy ART & Rolls Royce Bespoke Design

One day, someone who wanted to buy a Rolls-Royce Cullinan black badge car commissioned me to design the interior of the car before production.
The glorious company of Rolls Royce offers the services of personalisation of its cars to its customers and it is called Bespoke.
Well, this was a very serious challenge for me.
On the one hand, I was face to face with one of the most powerful brands in the world, who had a western (British) origin, and on the other hand, the person who wanted to buy one of these cars was a completely oriental but modern person.
The abstract calligraphy of the Middle East, the modernity full of glory and prowess of the West, the stunning power of a brand like Rolls-Royce, which is an objective example of luxury, all had reached a crossroads.
My challenge was that I had to put them together in such a way that while preserving their original identity, with a subtle but noble approach, they embrace each other.
How should my design be so that it does not damage the Rolls-Royce brand and of course not be swallowed by it? It should be consistent with the nature of speed and driving and not be aggressive, because Rolls-Royce is more reminiscent of power, tranquility and dignity.
My design had to be such that it would make serious changes in the cabin at the same time it would not be boring or nerve-wrecking for the passengers or the driver over time.
To all this, the technical limitations of Rolls-Royce in the implementation of the plan were added.
Based on my research, Rolls-Royce allowed changes in (about) eleven items.
And if an item were to change in addition to these, many other factors such as safety would be added to the previous challenges.
After constructive meetings with the regional management and Rolls-Royce design management, it took about two months day and night until the designs were finally approved by my client and Rolls-Royce.
The designs for the dashboard, headrest, Black Badge, coach-line motif, rotary dial and A/C module were finalised.
During this time, I designed different etudes to be a test for challenging myself.
On the other hand, I also made conceptual designs to enrich my ambitions from this passage.
I have categorised all these in 4 sections for those who are interested

  • Approved design Sketches
  • Additional offers
  • Ambitious concepts
  • The final designs that were approved by Rolls-Royce and were included in the catalog that Rolls-Royce usually publishes to get approval from its clients.



CONCEPTS (Regardless Safety Matters)


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