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In my opinion, what turn a design (specially an interior design) into an art is the power of creating an aesthetic balance between different and sometimes conflicting elements.
If I want to say very clearly, the elements that are important in my opinion in interior design (and in other words, any type of design), maybe can be summarised in the following cases: (Elements are not arranged according to their priority)

  • Purpose: first of all A designer artist must understand the main purpose of each project.
  • Visual integration: the designer’s mastery over all the components of a project should bring him visual integration.
  • Semantic integrity: Since each project has its own specific goals and ultimately that goal must be met, it is necessary for an artist and designer not to neglect semantic integrity. Visual integration and semantic integration and the homogenous combination of the two, help the viewer to gradually reach the depth from the surface when facing the components of the interior design, and this brings him a sense of comfort and satisfaction.
  • Culture: Culture and subcultures are perhaps the most important element of this list. No design can be considered a successful design by removing cultural elements.
  • Human emotions: emotions such as hope, excitement, peace, cheerfulness, love, sex, empathy, resilience, temptation, tolerance, zest for life and many other emotions, according to the characteristics of each project, can bring a pleasant combination of meaningful beauty.
  • Ambition: In my opinion, a design that does not have ambition (however small) is not a design at all.
  • Imagination: freedom of thought and fantasy brings imagination. Pure imagination also causes creativity and pure creation.
  • Climatic conditions: In many interior designs or architecture, it is necessary to consider the climatic conditions correctly. Let’s not forget water, light, soil and wind.
    The designs whose photos are followed are a combination of commissioned projects, projects that I have suggested, and designs that were neither commissioned nor suggested to anyone, and simply as an artist who must constantly create, I have created them.

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