Urban Elements/Cultural Elements

In my opinion, everything about a city is all about one: city brand!
Concepts such as: spiritual identity, visual identity, tangible and intangible heritages, history, culture, the spirit of urban places, Hope, Urban architecture, memories, sense of a place, belonging to an urban memory, all together create something that is interpreted today: an urban brand!
In my opinion, maintaining and developing the brand of a city is much more difficult than creating a new brand like Coca-Cola in the field of business.
In a city (depending on its age), we are facing a stormy ocean called history, which we did not necessarily have a role in its formation. This is the point that makes the work very difficult and there is no room for its expansion in this short article.
However, the preservation and development of urban brands need tools, the most important of which are urban elements and cultural elements.
And among these elements, artistic sculptures play an essential role and neglecting them can cause irreparable damage to the city brand.
The design of an urban sculpture should, in addition to the visual beauty of the sculpture and the feasibility of its construction, also consider all the factors related to the urban brand, and if an artist does’t, so His/Her Sculpture will not create value for the urban brand, but will also harm it.

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