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For many centuries, calligraphy has been considered one of the highest forms of spiritual art, especially in Iran. To this day, artists have continued to investigate this highly appreciated form of art. In keeping with the aesthetic principles of Islamic art, Mohammad Bozorgi maps his compositions according to precise mathematical structures and symmetry, and never deviates from the meaning of words despite the innovation of his script.

Recognised as a leading figure among a ‘New Generation’ of contemporary calligraphers, Bozorgi builds on the breakthroughs of modern predecessors, as he seeks to advance the art of calligraphy through experimental formalism. Within his meticulously designed compositions, text multiplies as it is infused with energy and appears to move across the canvas or paper in unison, originating from and returning to the center like the cyclical rhythms of nature.

Born in Tehran in 1978, Bozorgi was originally educated as a biomedical engineer before entering the visual arts with a decade of training at the Society of Iranian Calligraphers, where he mastered a number of calligraphic forms such as Diwani, Kufic, Nastaliq, Naskh, Thuluth, Muhaqqaq, Tughra, Ruqah and Shekasteh nastaliq (cursive Nastaliq or broken Nataliq) in order to develop distinctly stylized characters based on Arabic Calligraphy and Persian Calligraphy examples, and earned ‘Momtaz’ degree. Bozorgi’s masterful command of the centuries-old tradition is the result of intensive studies in classical calligraphic forms After training with the Society of Iranian Calligraphers for over a decade, Bozorgi left to pursue more innovative calligraphic forms. Drawing from his background in engineering, he makes qualitative calculations when constructing his works, using the directives of geometry to create abstract illusions of movement, depth and space.

Mohammad Bozorgi approaches calligraphy with an architectural eye that is evident in the mathematical structure or symmetry of letters.

HE himself expresses his feeling about what he do :

I wished for nothing in my life but to visualize my own elegant history and purifying it from the vortex of wars and blood by means of letters-the very essence of naming.

I have been living my history for thousands of years in this adventurous piece of geography by inscribing the words.

This is my beloved history: A history Undiscoverable for a historian and open to everyone who is in quest of himself or herself.

I am just a calligrapher, from the heart of the history, from the heart of Middle-East.


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Exhibition Booklet ( PDF )

You can download .pdf file of transcendental strokes exhibition ( Calligraphy Painting ) including my calligraphy paintings, calligraphy ink drawings & calligraphy pencil drawings here.

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I can design beautiful type faces for both digital and print media. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted.

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I write about web design. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content.

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I have strong project management skills. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content.

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