Writing for me is the beauty and grandeur of a noble sense which without doubt refers to my cultural emotions and my intellectual and mental structure of calligraphy and religious faith.Although the public observers of today's contemporary calligraphy do not believe in the historic purity of it; however my attempt whether successful or not is to reach to a certain source of purity.

Being a source of purity means we have to approach calligraphy as a visual component, perhaps unlikely to be interpreted.Yet over the course of years I have come to this experimental conclusion that the main concern for authenticity is misleading as well as it is conductive. A purity which in the sense of literally refers the artists in a non-visual position, while measuring the aesthetic responses to calligraphy is still non-literally. The gap between meaning and form is easy to say but you have to be literally men or of this type and interested in this affair to realize how difficult and sometimes impossible to get to this point.

It is impossible to write for the purpose of escaping writing, as if you are lecturing in order to be silent. As in my calligraphy painting my attempt is not to say anything rather than saying anything. The object of abstract makes my work face an infinite paradox and my aim is to reach this result. Calligraphy without any exaggeration is an opportunity which makes it permissible to find my existence in my non-existence.


Born & live in Iran, Tehran 1978

Momtaz(Outstanding/excellent) Degrees from Calligraphy Association of Iran, Tehran 2009

BA in Biomedical Engineering, Tehran 2002

Executive MBA Degree from Industrial Management Institute, Tehran 2009

Group Exhibition:

IRAN Invocation Land: Munich, 2010

In Remember of Master Roubakhsh: ART center Tehran, 2011

Alternative Calligraphy:  Homa Art Gallery Tehran, 2011

Calligraphy: Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, 2012

The next Generation of Iranian Contemporary Calligraphy: Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich, 2012

Word Unveiled: Geneva, 2012

The Fest of Art: Iranian Painter's Forum, Tehran 2013

Voyage: Nicolas flamel Gallery, Paris 2013

Alternative calligraphy 3: Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, 2014


Islamic Museum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Solo Exhibition:

Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, 2012

AYYAM Gallery, Jeddah, 2014

ART Fairs:

Vienna Art fair, 2012

Abu dhabi Art fair, 2012


Opera Gallery, Dubai, 2012

Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, 2012

Charity Auction of Magic of Persia, London, 2013

Ayyam Gallery, Jeddah, 2013

Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, 2014

Charity Auction of Magic of Persia & Sotheby's , USA, 2014


Nun Wa Al Qalam, Dr Heba Barakat & Adlin Ghani, IAMM, Kuala Lumpur2013



I simultaneously earned degrees in Medical Engineering, Calligraphy and also MBA (Master of Business Administration); I trained with the Society of Iranian calligraphers for 15 years and achieved the excellent level. I stopped my collaboration and training with the Society because i found they were too restrictive and did not allow any innovation to the calligraphic forms with which they were working. Nevertheless, my regular and individual practice of repetition helped me develop the skills which I demonstrate in my new body of work.

In order to arrive at this practice, I studied 18 classical calligraphy forms, including divani, kufi, nastalique, naskh, sols, Mohaggegh, and nastalique-broken. In recent years, I have used the age-old practices of classical calligraphy as a starting point for exploring my own constructions and creating my own unique language in a contemporary format. Although the form that i have invented has Arab and Persian roots, my main focus is on developing a more architectural approach to calligraphic forms, an approach that can be seen in the mathematical structure and symmetry of the letters in my "crying for honor" series.
In his current practice I use harmonic elegant movements of dancing curves creating delicate repetitions.
I break the limitative rules of traditional Persian and Arab calligraphy courageously to explore the expressive potentials of calligraphy reflects and to convey my meaning!
My interest in both the arts and sciences as a calligrapher and an engineer or Manager. Like an engineer designing a dome, I make quantitative calculations to help me build my works, using geometry to create illusions of movement and space and to develop a pure but abstract technique; at the same time, I draws on the angles and repetitions of classical calligraphy to create forms in ink, and acrylic that become metaphors for dance and spiritual liberation. My desire is to create a new language, one that is based in traditional Persian & Arabic forms but communicates through abstraction.
I painstakingly write, rejecting any restriction and Perceiving the process as a spiritual journey through my own two hands, then, I have taken all.
I have learned from the past and shaped my own artistic practice.